Anieszka is a 25 year old Australian/Mauritian alt-R&B/soul/indie pop singer. Born in Papua New Guinea, Anieszka grew up surrounded by a mix of cultures, sounds and melodies. "There are many intricacies in music that reflect us as human beings and therefore are an extension of who we are, that's why music is an essential part of our daily lives".  

In 2008, Anieszka's singing career began with her first single titled 'Boy’. The single proved popular very fast and was soon found on German charts and on local radio stations in Sydney, Australia. Anieszka went on to record and release her self-titled EP, containing five songs, at the age of fifteen. 

She released a couple more singles after the EP. One of them was ‘Lost in You’, a dance/house track that was premiered in Mauritius (2014), which led to Anieszka making TV appearances on MBC Morning Show, co-hosting radio shows and appearing on the cover of a national entertainment magazine called Scope.  

In the years that followed, Anieszka didn’t feel as connected to her songwriting as she wanted to and felt strongly about defining what she wanted to say through her music. 

In 2016, working with producer Luke Murphy from the UK, Anieszka released ‘Fall into You’ after a hiatus. An indie pop jam with a light airy vocal, it was a new sound for Anieszka and a lot more aligned to what she wanted to explore. ‘Vibe’ was the next release, and became the ultimate summer jam, appearing on Indiemono’s ‘Charts 2017: Pop Songs’ Spotify playlist, featuring in SOM Magazine and gaining airplay on Vibes Link Radio (Jamaica & UK) and 100FM - Line out with Dor Dekel (Tel Aviv).   

In early 2018, Anieszka had the opportunity to work with Peter Holz (Gang of Youths, Peking Duk, Olly Murs) and together they created ‘Alchemy’. Anieszka came up with the hook ‘thoughts of you, linger on my skin. And I can’t wash it off’ whilst unloading the dishwasher one morning and could not get it out of her head. With Peter’s simple yet soulful production and Anieszka’s buttery vocals, ‘Alchemy’ came to life. ‘Alchemy’ was featured on Fashionably Early Music, Music is My Life, Noble Vybe Music and more.  

The next few months were dedicated to finishing her new EP. The first release from the EP is ‘Grow,’ a song to inspire. Produced by Baldera & MJMC (Dominican Republic) and written out of the self-doubt and vulnerability she faced, ‘Grow’ has received an overwhelmingly positive response, with some listeners expressing it has been a source of hope throughout their own personal hardships. ‘Grow’ was also featured on the Australian Music Scene Spotify playlist and on the Future Classic - Office Radio Spotify playlist.  

The new EP, ‘Elixir,’ breaks down genre barriers as Anieszka experiments with various sounds and themes. She has expressed herself in her truest form, undeterred by ‘current trends’, and is excited to see how listeners respond. Throughout this process, these songs became a form of healing for her, with two of the songs deriving from poems she has written in the past few years. Anieszka created this body of work with the intention to heal and connect, thus calling it ‘Elixir’.

Keep a lookout for Anieszka - she's ready to make waves.